Here is a small sample of the reviews on our books, taken from Wargaming and Military Modelling forums, websites and magazines.
“Stephen Andrew’s passion for the subject matter shows in his detailed colour plates of various ‘Landsers’ or ordinary infantrymen and the different uniform and field equipment colour schemes used by these troops. A lot of pertinent information has been crammed into the 33 pages; this book will be a goldmine of colour reference for you. Highly Recommended”
“I highly recommend this book to all enthusiasts of German army uniforms, figure painters and modellers. Highly Recommended.”
Model Military International Magazine
“A great resource for any wargamer who wants to build a late-war German force and the plates are superb painting guides – Highly recommended”
Battlegames Magazine
“The plates are excellent and well detailed. The book is worth buying for the ‘eye candy’ alone. This is a very interesting book, definitely a must-buy for anyone interested in the detail of the German uniform in the late war.”
Strategy & Tactics Magazine
“This is a must have for anyone interested in Military history and of course is an absolute for the German military modeller & wargamer looking for accuracy &
authenticity. Highly Recommended”
Scale Model Addict
"If you already have an extensive reference library for World War II German subjects this might still prove useful because of its easily accessible format, but if you are new to the subject and want an inexpensive and user friendly reference then this might well be for you. Recommended.”
Military Modelcraft international Magazine
“This crisply designed reference book’s up-to-date details and marvellous illustrations will make it indispensible to anyone interested in the fields such as military history, re-enacting, wargaming, collecting toy soldiers and painting model figures”
Toy Soldier & Model Figure Magazine
“Excellent and highly detailed illustrations with matching text.”
Armorama/Kit Maker Network
“If you are a figure painter or just interested in German WWII uniforms, then this book will be perfect for you. Highly Recommended”
Missing Lynx